Spartan Hurricane Heat - A Review in Retrospect

Seattle Spartan Hurricane Heat 2016 - 4.23.2016

The aftermath.

The token of remembrance.

The hurricane heat opened my eyes quite a bit. Operating as a unit. Amplified characteristics. Complainers who complained louder. The people who take charge without coordinating. The quiet ones who go about business and get it done. Those put more rocks in their buckets. Those who push through the pain. This was just that: life amplified.

Finding out how leaders lead in turmoil. The concepts that they use. Without unnecessary words. Straight to the point. I respect that. I keep referring back to it. Make a mistake, own it. Own all of it and then GET AFTER IT.

Find a way to make it happen. Chip away one step at a time. Bear more weight, so you can bear more weight.

We cant think out our choices in life, we must live them. This has helped me out so much in terms of taking action and not over-thinking things. Not being scared. Make the call and do it. Over thinking creates obstacles, action breaks down walls. In the end, there are no mistakes. There is only your reaction to it. How will YOU respond?