Spartan Sprint Los Angeles, CA - Review

Race Details:

So it happened, I broke a toe on this race. Silly me. While trying to power my way up the ropes and hit the cowbell, I forgot to hold on to the rope. I came tumbling down on a patch of hay. I didn't feel anything until the last quarter mile of the race when I started to feel pain on my foot and thus started limping.

Lesson: don't forget to HOLD ON to the rope when you're climbing a rope. 

The course itself was pretty much the same as last year. The uphills were brutal (for me) since I had spent the last few months with my face buried in electronic books studying for an exam (EMT-B) and I had not gotten enough hill training or run training. My grip was also not as strong as I liked due to me mainly sticking to a 5 x 5 StrongLifts program, which is great for gaining strength and size, however not particularly good for muscular endurance. I was also about 15 points heavier for this run than I usually would be. This once again I blame/thank the increase in carbohydrate consumption and the Thanksgiving holiday feasting.