the proposal

location: bridlewood estate winery, santa ynez, ca

date: sunday may 28th 2017

weather: perfect

*note: Im writing as I've retold the story multiple times now already. The more I tell it, the less funnier I make it and the more I seem to unwittingly forget. My hopes are that somehow someway, you have clicked through the links to this post.

By the time we had gotten there, the vineyard had a few groups sipping wine both inside and outside of the main lobby. I had kept the location and the days activities secret. All she knew was that we were NOT going hiking. We had conversations in the past that she didnt want to ever be proposed to while hiking.

The whole ride up to Santa Ynez was filled inquiries about where we were headed. Like a robotic auto-responder, I vaguely answered every question with a: possibly, maybe, or a probably. 

We were greeted by the employee who offered us a couple options to start off with. We opted for the wine tasting which costs $20 per person. 

We sat by a really peaceful location just outside the lobby under the shade overlooking one of the vineyards. The weather was nearly perfect with a slight breeze. You could hear the sound of the trees swaying above and all around. I took my camera and snapped a few shots as the sunlight would occasionally pierce through from above the trees.

Every time Joleen got up to use the restroom, I scoured the premises for a good spot to propose. The driveway into the vineyard was amazing. Trees on both side along a nice long path into the main building. I thought that wouldve been a good location, minus the possibility of cars coming in and out. Honking as I got on my knee didnt sound so appealing.

So as we wrapped up our last round of tasting, we took a walk around the premise. We spotted a gazebo and a nice row of vine trees overlooking the rest of the field. I decided that would be the spot. We set our stuff down and I asked Joleen to go stand in the middle so I could focus my camera at a good angle.

I had a LovePop card in my pocket to trick her. This card opens up to reveal a pop up engagement ring box that can be opened up as well. I gave it to her and she opened it up wondering what it was I was giving her.

She asked me what it was and then I got down on one knee. The rest is history.