onnit academy foundations level 1 - austin, tx

i had been aware of onnit for a while from being a listener of the joe rogan podcast. i signed up for the academy that they run out of sheer curiosity. they offer this foundations course as well as different varieties of advanced kettlebell, steel mace and other type of courses. i will admit that half of my reasoning to sign up for this course was to also visit ausin texas for the first time having heard of how nice the town was.

on day one of the course, we checked into the onnit gym and received our instructors manual. the manual itself goes briefly into the philosophy of onnit and its warrior spirit. it's mainly focused on a holistic approach to fitness stressing inner strength as much as outer strength. i am definitely on board with this approach.

the gym itself was fairly large and offered lifting platforms, dumbells, barbells, sleds, blocks and a large selection of different types of equipment. the course did not have us conduct basic barbell or dumbbell lifts, which was perfectly fine with me.

our instructor/trainer was john wolf and his ability to instruct and break down our goals for the weekend was the highlight of the course. he was very humble, knowledgeable and a very experienced instructor. he knew his stuff very well, but also did not come off as pretentious or a self proclaimed guru.

half of the course was conducted in the newly constructed 10th planet jiu jitsu academy in one of the adjacent rooms. here we reviewed basic concepts, warm ups, stretches and sandbags instruction.


day 2 was conducted in the main gym where we reviewed battle ropes, steel clubs, maces kettlebells and finished the certification with a high intensity workout.

the man with the master plan.

there's an old saying: the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. i admittedly felt rather humbled in the face of basic movements such as kettlebell swings and even a basic squat. regression is often the source of progression and is a necessity of life. i recommend this course to anyone willing to learn and keep an open mind about what they think they know and what they are willing to improve on.

a big shout out to onnit.