coffee con los angeles 2016

coffee con los angeles @ the magic box la / the reef

coffee con is an annual coffee festival that brings together all of us local coffee geeks, roasters, shop owners and manufacturers into one super caffeinated location for a day. there coffee samples, brewing labs and different lectures on anything from butter in your coffee, to tokyo method brewing. we also attended the separate "how to taste coffee like a pro" session. by days end, my mind was on another coffee induced level. full disclosure: i did have a few cups of coffee before showing up. 


green coffee samples on display.

chemex demonstration @ the peet's coffee booth.

another chemex demonstration right next door by chemex.

lela buttery, a biologist and coffee shop owner of another kind of sunrise giving a lecture on "buttery brew".

hario v60 lab.

peter giuliano leading a private coffee tasting session.

kenyan murang'a from bar nine roasting.


the focus of the class was to be able to describe the experience of coffee into 5 categories, here are my notes:

fragrance/aroma - to coffee people, they mean different things. fragrance is dry, aroma is wet. notice the difference between the two. sometimes they're the same and sometimes different. aroma is the smell once it interacts with water. both are perceived in the nose. 

acidity - acidity is a good thing for coffee. people are monkeys and monkeys love fruit. the acid from oranges are similar to the acid in coffee. the acidity of an apple(malic) is different. both acidity is found in coffee and a positive aspect of its flavor. 

flavor - taste and aroma. cross modal sensory experience - you are not only tasting it on your tongue, but also the aroma that is going up through your nasal airways.

body - the sensation in your mouth. tactial sensation. think of whole milk vs skim. thick va thin. 

aftertaste - the flavor of coffee in your mouth after its left. how persistent it is after you've drank it.

the flavor wheel below is used as a guide to help direct your senses and explain what you're tasting. it takes a bit of trying, but in the end there is no right or wrong when you are tasting your own coffee.